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Overnight Care 
Find high-quality overnight care for your loved ones within 24 hours 

Overnight care in the familiarity and comfort of your own home

For many individuals with care and support needs, being alone at night can leave them feeling anxious and worried. Having someone on hand to provide support at night ensures loved ones can have a peaceful night’s sleep and remain safe in their own home. 

Overnight care is when a carer stays with you at home to provide essential care during the night. Illness or disability can often lead to additional care needs. In many cases, daytime care effectively maintains an individual’s independence, however, for some, overnight care is equally essential. 

With overnight care, a live-in carer will carry out various tasks depending on the individual’s requirements, such as assistance with personal care routines, medication administration, monitoring health conditions, providing companionship, and responding to any emergencies that may arise during the night. This type of care is particularly beneficial for individuals who may have mobility issues, cognitive impairments, medical conditions requiring close monitoring, or those who simply feel safer having someone present during the night.

Types of overnight care


Sleeping Night Care

This is a good option if you’d like to have someone present through the night, but don’t require regular assistance. A live-in carer is usually available to help twice during the night before the service becomes waking night care. A sleep in care worker can provide the peace of mind you need to get a good night’s rest.


Waking Night Care

Waking night care is for those who have higher needs and require frequent help through the night. With this type of care, your carer is on hand at a moment’s notice to cover any care need, such as medication administration, repositioning or toileting. When your waking night carer isn’t attending to your care needs during the night, it is an opportunity for them to support with light housekeeping duties around the home.


Who might need overnight care?

Overnight care is suitable for those in need of extra support during the night and for anyone requiring 24-hour care. This type of care might be considered for those with a complex condition such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, mobility disorders, blindness, cardiopulmonary illnesses or multiple sclerosis. An overnight carer may provide assistance turning you safely in bed due to a spinal injury or for someone with dementia frequently waking during the night. 

At Fine Care, we will tailor the level of support to meet your specific needs, ensuring you never feel isolated. This provides both you and your loved ones with peace of mind, knowing that you’re being safely cared for through the night.

How to arrange care in 3 easy steps


Speak to our team

With no obligation, call us on our freephone number 0800 001 6402 or complete the contact form to arrange a call back 


Plan your care

After assessing your unique needs, we will carefully select some of our finest carers for you to consider


Your care begins

Your selected finest carer will arrive to your home and your care will continue for as long as you wish and need

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